The Incredible Years Autism and Language Delay Programme

The Incredible Years Autism and Language Delay programme is designed for parents of children aged 2 to 5. The programme is driven by each child’s developmental abilities and goals, helping caregivers build their parenting skills and confidence. You don’t necessarily need an autism diagnosis to participate in the programme.

We know that children on the autism spectrum are more likely than their peers to have behaviour issues and their parents are more likely to experience high levels of stress. We also know it’s the key adults in a child’s life who have the biggest impact and can make the greatest change, so this programme supports you, as parents and caregivers, to create the best learning environment for your tamariki.


What does the programme involve?

With the help and support of highly skilled programme leaders, parents and caregivers meet for 2 hours each week, over 14 weeks, to explore and discuss parenting strategies together. Using group discussions, real-life situational videos and group problem solving, the programme helps you build your parenting skills and confidence. It’s highly interactive and collaborative, and is driven by your child’s developmental abilities and goals. Over the course of 14 weekly sessions, you’ll learn to engage and play with your child in ways that support their language development and emotional self-regulation. You’ll also learn how to support your child’s social skills and empathy, and help them to form positive relationships. It’s important to remember this programme is quite a significant time commitment, but it also offers you the chance to meet and talk with other parents who may be working through similar challenges.


When does the programme take place?

We usually run this programme once a year, so it pays to register your interest online and we’ll place you on our waitlist. We will contact you prior to the programme starting, to check if you’re still interested and available.


Not sure if it’s right for you?

We are happy to chat about your child’s development and goals, and whether this programme is right for you and your child. Call us on 06 843 7280 or enquire online, and the team will get back to you.