Our Financial Mentors

We provide experienced professionals with diverse knowledge and wide networks.

Debbie Mackintosh

Manager, Financial Capability Services


“I’m just proud of what my team do. They do some hard work, and we get some terrible stories, but we know where to tap in and my team are well-skilled, there’s a lot of knowledge within our services.”


Financial Mentor

Jill moved from another budget service to Napier Family Centre, first as a short term contractor, and now as a permanent member of our Financial Services team.

“I really enjoy working within our team. We share our knowledge with our clients to empower them. It is great to be able to give people the tools, information and encouragement so they can confidently manage their own finances, which in turn relieves stress and makes a difference in their lives.
Its rewarding. I learn something new everyday from our clients and everyday is different.”


Financial Mentor

Daisy joined Napier Family Centre in 2023 and has quickly become an integral part of the Financial Capability team.


Financial Mentor

The Financial Capability Team chose Benita!

Benita offered her skills for free as a part time volunteer in Napier Family Centre’s Family Services team. After one and a half years of volunteering, an opportunity for a part time paid role was offered by the Financial Capacility Team, along with training as maths was not a strength of Benita’s in her school days.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with community which is the highlight of my role. With great encouragement, and the caring support that I have received from both Napier Family Centre CEO, Kerry Henderson, and my Manager, Debbie Mackintosh, and our Financial Capability team, it has been both challenging and extremely rewarding as I couldn’t have coped without their support to get me to where I stand today as a Financial Mentor.”


“Our mission is to provide services that help families along life’s journey. Our values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and compassion guide our actions and decisions.”