Community spirit

Community spirit

We’ve recently been supported by Whittaker’s Chocolate and Source Coffeeshop in Taradale who supplied us with some free chocolate and coffee vouchers for our Charity Shop. Cleaning materials from Clark Products Ltd and laundry services from Liquid Laundromat were donated to help clean donated goods in need of a bit of TLC before they can be sold. The Onekawa Community Clothing Sale event was a highlight. A big thank you goes to the volunteers, our Charity Shop team, and the Māori Wardens that assisted us despite their full schedule.

The community spirit and connection for what we continue to do remains strong. McGregors and Bunnings have also provided us with a range of seeds and garden tools for an upcoming Bright Futures campaign around sowing and growing seeds with links into how we use that philosophy and metaphor for growing little minds.

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