Improve your budget health – Kath Curran

Improve your budget health – Kath Curran

January is often the month for looking forwards as people embark on further education, training and make goals. It’s the month NCEA results are anticipated and, traditionally, the month for resolutions, whether making, breaking or deciding they are nonsense. At the top of the go-to list are often resolutions around health and weight loss.

For too many of our families in our community there would have been no relaxation or fun in the summer sun over the holiday break, as many people are living in severe financial hardship. Going into the school year without being able to equip their child with uniforms, stationery and the increasing demands for technology gadgets adds to an already bad start to the year.

The associated harm in ongoing mental health problems for people under great stress and overwhelm from unmanaged debt includes depression, sleep problems, relationship breakdowns and suicide attempts. Taking back control of household finances could be a great resolution for this New Year.  A kind of weight-loss programme: imagine the lifting of the burden of pain and lightness in the spirits gained in not worrying about having enough money for rent, food or power every week?

Budget advisers are able to support people to discover their capabilities in managing their money. The pressures are enormous for people with low income, without safe choices for accommodation or carrying debt.  Our Napier Family Centre clients inspire us as they are often surviving under really hard circumstances but health, wellbeing and opportunities to have better lives are drained if under constant hardship.

If improved budget ‘health’ is part of your goals this year and you want to manage household budgets better then make an appointment with one of our team at Napier Family Centre.

Ph 06 843 7280 or email [email protected].

You can check out some advice from our experts here or go to our Budget Calculator to start your own budget today!









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