Spaces available in Early Reading programme

Spaces available in Early Reading programme

We have spaces available in our FREE Early Reading Together Programme, starting 15 November 2023.

The programme is a series of three short workshops, designed to support parents/whānau of children under 6 with their reading and literacy. It’s fun and interactive, suitable for any parent or caregiver with young tamariki.  The programme also provides plenty of support for caregivers from diverse language/literacy, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds. See additional information on flyer below.

  • This new programme is designed to enhance the support that parents/whānau provide for children’s language and literacy
  • For parents/caregivers of tamariki under 6
  • 3 x workshops over three weeks
  • Completely FREE for participants
  • Starts Wednesday 15 November (with workshops also on 22 November and 29 November)
  • Wednesdays 10.00-11.15am
  • Register your interest by emailing [email protected] or calling 06 843 7280


Early Reading Together® is:

  • designed to enhance the support which parents/whānau provide for their children’s language and literacy development
  • a programme comprising 3 workshops over 3 weeks (each workshop lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • specifically designed to support children and parents from diverse language/literacy, cultural, educational and socio-economic backgrounds
  • implemented by experienced educators in ECE services, schools and community organisations, in collaboration with community librarians
  • practical, user friendly, enjoyable and manageable for teachers, parents, librarians and children
  • effective when it is implemented as described in the fully-scripted Workshop Leader’s Handbook
  • based on a sound theoretical and research framework.

Early Reading Together® helps parents to:

  • Understand more fully the ways in which talking with young children and reading to them (from the time they are babies) helps the child’s language and literacy development
  • Explore additional ways of supporting children’s language and reading development when they are reading stories and rhymes, and singing songs together
  • Find out more about books, rhymes and songs which are suitable for young children and enjoyable for them
  • Borrow books and other resources from libraries, and access support from librarians.


View or download our flyer – Napier Family Centre Reading Together Programme Nov 23

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