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Napier Family Centre’s wide range of services for Hawke’s Bay’s families are:


Counselling at Napier Family Centre helps families, individuals, couples and children build happier lives.

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What is Counselling & Therapy?

Child Counselling

Couples Counselling


Post Natal Depression

Sexual Violence


When your money just doesn’t go around or you are caught in a web of debt and increasing bills it can be a relief to know that there’s someone who will help you.

We offer FREE, confidential and non-judgemental advice by trained budget advisors.

Budgeting Services

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Our services support families to help build a more positive and nurturing home environment for their children so they have healthy family relationships and build happier lives.

Social Work

Education Courses for Children

Parenting and Individual Courses

Some of the other things people know us for include food parcels, bread runs, clothing and household items. Contact us today.

“We provide services that help families along life’s journey. Our values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and compassion guide our actions and decisions.”